Chambray Bruyere

chambray bruyere blouse

Chambray bruyere has a nice lilt to it. And I think it makes for a pretty nice blouse. I adored this pattern the moment Deer & Doe released it and, given that I need to make myself some winter clothes, it seemed logical for it to jump to the top of the queue when I finally got my hands on a copy. I struggled to decide on the fabric for this blouse and had considered trying it in a nice plaid flannel (since I’m obsessed with plaid flannel right now), but I was worried that with a bulky flannel the bottom of the blouse wouldn’t have had the right kind of drape for the volume.

chambray blouse and leggings

I happened to have some chambray in my stash that was almost enough for this blouse, so rather than continue to search for the absolute perfect fabric, I went stashbusting. I didn’t have quite enough, so I cut the undercollar, facing, and cuff linings out of a ditsy quilting cotton that was my grandmother’s. I barely eeked the blouse out of what I did have, and had to cut a few pieces on the cross grain to make everything fit.

chambray bruyere blouse 2

I made a total bonehead move when sewing the collar and sewed the wrong side of the collar and then trimmed the seam. I didn’t have enough fabric to cut another collar, so I had to do what I could to salvage it. My bonehead move continued into re-transferring notches to the re-sewn collar, so when I sewed the collar onto the blouse, I aligned it improperly so I can’t button it all the way up without it looking silly. I don’t think it’s very noticeable when it not buttoned all the way up, so just don’t look too closely.

chambray bruyere blouse 3

I thought that I would like the blouse best as simple as possible so I left off any topstitching. But now I find it a little overly simple, so I’m thinking about going back and topstitching it all in gold thread to match the sparkly gold buttons I added. What do you think?

aran style sweater

I’m not really sure how to style the blouse, unfortunately. I find chambray blouses to be a little stymying. The only other chambray blouse I own is my Guatemalan Cowgirl blouse, which I adore, I only wear it with my fuchsia jeans. I don’t feel like I can wear chambray with blue jeans, because then it becomes a Canadian tuxedo, but this blouse seems just a little bit short to wear with leggings. I have been wearing it with a beautiful aran style sweater that my great grandmother knit for my great grandfather and I think they make a great match, so at least I have my top half looking good!

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  1. I had to look up in the Urban Dictionary to understand what “Canadian tuxedo” means. “An outfit consisting of a denim jacket and demin jeans. To spice up the outfit a button down demin shirt may be worn.
    Look at that goofy canuck in his canadian tuxedo. ”
    Humm…. Not sure I would plug it in a blog!

  2. This is really cute! I think you can pull off chambray with blue jeans as long as they are a different tone. It only becomes a Canadian tuxedo when your shirt and jeans are the same colour (wash). So this light chambray with dark indigo works perfectly. And I think it looks great with leggings too!

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  3. Great blouse… I am inspired to turn my ton of shirting fabrics actually into blouses now. And I think you carry it off very well with that beautiful aran jumper.

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  4. The fit on this looks great and I love that chambray fabric. I haven’t heard of a Canadian tuxedo before but in the UK we use the term double denim which sounds similar. I’m all for double denim!

  5. Oh I love the shirt!! The colors are so different so they look fantastic together…….it is all the rage right now too. Love the whole outfit!

  6. Such a lovely blouse, Erin! That chambray looks both cozy and chic at the same time. Also, I’m with Heather–you won’t be in danger of a Canadian Tuxedo, if the denim is dark. Rock that fabulous shirt with jeans! It’s so, so cute.

  7. I like wearing my couple chambray shirts with black jeans, keeps it casual but covered and the pants disappear. Leggings look good too, especially with the cardigan! This shirt is so perfect out of chambray, and it fits right into your surroundings!

  8. It’s so lovely! I definitely didn’t notice the issues you pointed out, and I think you did very well making it work in this fabric. The style and fit are marvelous on you. Well done on making such a great piece, and that aran sweater is completely droolworthy!

  9. I too love this blouse. Nice to see it made up on a tall lady. You are tempting me mightily! Great job salvaging it from your fabric and boneheadedness. :)

  10. I’m also going to echo the idea of wearing it with dark denim. As for the collar it totally doesn’t show when worn open & I dunno about you, but I’m not a shirt buttoned all the way up kind of girl. And I love that sweater! You look perfectly PNW casual.

  11. So pretty! I love the look of the bruyere, but I’ve always wondered about the styling. I would wear it with black pants, but dark wash jeans would work too.

  12. Have you considered wearing it with a skirt? Specifically, a mini or a pencil would be chic with tights and boots. Adding a colorful belt with jeans will help break up the double denim effect, especially if you add an impact necklace as well. Regardless, I really love your top as it is and think it suits you very well!

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      I only have a couple of skirts in my closet right now because the rest are in storage until we find our own home, but that’s a great reminder that I should try pairing it with my skirts! I have been very sad not to know where any of my tights are right now. Thanks for the styling tips!

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