Cake’s Tiramisu Dress

cake tiramisu dress

I think Cake’s Tiramisu dress pattern is great. It’s a wonderful blend of fun and flirty and functional. The construction instructions are clear and the sizing allows for fit on many different bodies. Unfortunately, I just don’t like how it looks on my body. I had misgivings when planning the dress but I so badly wanted it to be cute on me like it is on so many women that I went ahead and sewed it. I finished the dress and, just as I thought, it looks good on every body type but pear, and I happen to be a pear. Oh well.

girls in cake tiramisu

For fit, I ended up cutting out several inches from the side when sewing front and back together. I also shortened the front of the bust pieces over an inch. So, the dress fits me nicely but it’s just not flattering. However, this pattern is perfect for my mom’s body type, so I foresee making her some cake in the future! And all was not lost, as I brought the dress to dinner with some girlfriends and ended up making them play dress-up. I sent the dress home with the gal in the middle and I’m sure that she’ll enjoy it. (At least the fabric came from my stash. So, one more piece down on my stashbusting sewalong.)

purple and green cake tiramisu

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  1. Thank you for being honest about this pattern. I’m also a pear and I think these styles that have a high waist with an A-line skirt are more difficult for us to pull of than other body shapes. At least you found a home for it!

  2. I think the dress looks great on your figure. I suppose clothingengineer is sort of right about high-waisted-A-line skirts: they emphasize the pear shape. As someone with an apple/rectangle shape, and the grass being greener on the other side of the fence, I think: if you’ve got it, flaunt it and emphasize the heck out of your great pear shape! Ah well, your opinion is the one that matters.

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      Thanks! I’m totally fine with having a pear shape (ok, mostly totally fine. the grass is always greener, as you point out), but I think there are better ways to flaunt it. In this dress I feel dumpy. In my pencil skirt I feel va-va-voom.

  3. On the other hand, your stripe matching is lovely, and you worked out a great fit through the bust and waist. I’m quite impressed by how level you got the underbust seam to hang. But, I feel your pain — I had a very similar experience with this pattern. All the online versions look great, but it’s just not flatting on me with my tiny rack and big hips & thighs. Although, I should have stopped when I sewed up a practice Tiramisu, regrettably, out of knit with wavy stripes. That’s right, wavy lines rippling out from my waist to my hips. Ugh. Comically ugh. The straight stripes on my final version aren’t much better looking, but at least it’s a comfy dress to putz around the house or library in.

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      Ha! I can totally picture the wavy lines. Oops! I agree about it being a comfy putz-around-the-house dress and put it in that category for a few weeks. But, closet space being limited (the one thing I begrudge sharing with my boyfriend), I decided it would be better put to use with a girlfriend on whom it was more flattering. P.S. Thanks for the compliments on the fitting!

  4. I think that your dress looks great on you. Out of the four pictures shown of people modelling the dress, you look the best. It looks as good as any I have seen that I thought were nice. I guess if you don’t feel comfortable in it than you wont wear it with confidence.

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      Thanks for the compliments. The other women are smaller than I am, so I think it looks a bit frumpy on them for that reason, even if better suited for their shape. I do think it comes down to just not feeling comfortable on my part. No matter how nice it looks to someone else, if I don’t feel good I don’t wear it.

  5. Hi, I’ve just stumbled across your blog. Great reading! I am also a pear and was so looking forward to making this dress. I made 3 at christmas and ones gone in the rags box, another is a nightie and the third is ok but I took a good chunk off the mid rif band. I made another dress with the top of the tiramisu and an aline skirt with a narrow waistband, much happier with this version. Like you I feel frumpy with the straight tiramisu. Good you found a new home for it. Selfless sewing!!

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      Thanks! Sorry that you’ve struggled so much with the pattern. I’m thinking I’ll make it into a shirt soon as a work-around. Glad you’ve finally found a way to make it work!

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