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I know not all sewists accumulate large stashes of sewing supplies, but I certainly do. Buttons have always been something that have stymied me a bit – how do I organize my button stash so that it is functional? I’ve stumbled onto a solution that makes things both organized and pretty, so I thought I would share!

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I have purchased almost none of the buttons in my stash – they are the sort of thing that I have inherited from friends and family (including from a couple of my grandmothers). Accordingly, they range from single buttons to sets of more than a dozen. I divided my buttons out by the number of buttons in the set, since I hardly want to dig through all of them if I know I need many of the same button. I put together one jar of single buttons, one jar of sets of 2-5, one jar of 6 or more, and one jar of baggies full of more than 20 of the same button. I used an assortment of french glass canning jars that I had in the cupboard, but any jar or tin will do.

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To keep the buttons in sets, I sewed each group together. It took an evening of sitting on the couch to do so, but it was kind of fun as I got to ooh and aah over what I had while I did so (and I’m generally a big fan of organizing things┬áso it was quite satisfying!). Now, when I need buttons, I can easily pour out the right size jar on to my counter, pick out the button set I want to use, and sweep the rest back in to place.

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Do you stash buttons? Do you have a solution for how to organize your buttons?

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  1. I stash buttons. I end up finding vintage buttons at antique malls in my local area and while traveling. What began as a modest stash has grown and overgrown my containers. I keep them, sorted by color, in small metal boxes that somewhat resemble recipe boxes. The black and white ones are in a separate box. Many of my buttons are on a card, or in a small plastic zip bag. I wish I had a better solution to my button stash problems, but I think the only way to fix it is to upgrade to larger boxes.

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  2. Putting them on a string is SOOOOO SMART! Genius hack! Thanks so much for this lol

    I know that it’s not rocket science but I had never though of that lol

  3. That’s a great idea to put them in different jars for the button counts! I do string mine together too with some spare threads – its always a big project but so useful when it’s done. I started off putting them on nice little card stock – but that was just too much work when I got a whole button stash from my mom/grandmother.

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      I thought about putting them on cardstock, but I couldn’t figure out a way that didn’t take up a bunch of room, since they all needed to be on the same size cards for it to feel organized. Perhaps I could have used index cards and put the in little index card boxes, but spilling a bunch of index cards on the counter just isn’t as satisfying as spilling out a whole jar of buttons :)

  4. This is great, very organised. In my house it goes something like this: I need a button, I get out my tubs of colour graded buttons, the kids go ‘ooooh’ buttons, rifle through them, half of them end up on the floor, I gather them up in haste or older child is cajoled into putting them away with a few extra bits of fluff and crumbs, some end up wedged between the floor board, some get sucked up the hoover!!


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  5. ohh, lovely. The buttons I inherited are mostly tied in bunches, but sadly (for me anyway) I just inherited the teeny tiny shirt buttons, not the multiple tubs of larger buttons that I actually wanted (my mother in law got those). So, I have a small button box, which has sections in and they’re mainly in coloured sections, and then my original button tin has the larger ones in, both singles and sets. I like the glass jar idea.

  6. I have a very large, unorganized number of buttons. Thanks for the idea!! I’m going to put your method at the top of my “to do” list:-)

  7. I organize my buttons in the exact same way but instead of the thread I’m using a thin, malleable wire! I just twist the ends once to close the “button ring” and put it in a jar. It’s so easy to open when I need a button. I’m not sure what kind of a wire it is, I buy it in a dollar store.

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