Brown Floral Print Jeans

Following my recent skinny jeans, I decided to make a pair of lower-waisted jeans, figuring that I would wear them more often. I’ve been trying to sew from my fabric stash but I wasn’t inspired to almost-the-same pair of jeans out of the same denim, so I got distracted by this fabulous floral print.

I know that it was a risk to use this fabric, the same fabric as my duffel bag, because it’s meant to be upholstery fabric, not bottom-weight fabric and I’m afraid the seams won’t hold too long because the weave isn’t tight enough. In the meantime, I’m going to wear them until they fall apart because they are fun and silly and happy and perfect for the transition into fall weather.

I fixed the fit issue I had in the front of the jeans by shortening the crotch depth. Much better. (The wrinkles in the picture are there from wearing the pants for two days without washing them and having the fabric stretch a bit, not because they don’t fit. I swear!)

I maintained the awesome fit I got over my tuches (a.k.a. tookus or rear end). Rather than sewing a rear yoke and waistband, I combined them by putting in a shaped waistband.

The only not-perfect fit with these jeans is the way that my side seam doesn’t go straight down my side. Instead it pulls a bit to the rear at the top of the jean. I am totally ok with this, although I’ll probably try to fix this on the next pair of jeans I make. Oh yes, there will be more!

Oh yeah, and somehow I made them a little shorter than I intended. One of the reasons that I sew is so that things are long enough on me and I almost always err on the side of leaving everything a little longer than it should be, just because I can. I don’t know why I didn’t have any excess length on these, but they stop just at the bottom of my leg without a break. Oh well. They look cute with these silly gold penny loafers, though, don’t they?

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  1. Very cute! I actually like the cropped look; it suits the playfulness of the pattern. And thanks for sharing about your curved waistband fix for the yoke and stuff, I have the same problem with my high-waisted jeans pattern, so I may take your idea when I shorten it!

  2. LOVE. I just love these so much, and I especially love that you used upholstery fabric! The print is delightful and works perfectly with your gold penny loafers :)

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