Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Last week I was sent to the east coast to visit collaborators for work.  I decided I would fly out a day early so that I could visit friends in New York. While there, I spent hours wandering through the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens with a friend.

shinto gate brooklyn botanical gardens

The Japanese garden was lovely and tranquil. I enjoyed watching the turtles and koi in the murky green water.

red ginger blossom

I was taken by this bright red flower. So bold, so bright, so cheery. I believe it was from the onion/garlic family, which I found surprising as I think of those blossoms as being puff balls, not striking individual petals like this one.

art exhibit brooklyn botanical gardens

Inside of the building hosting the different world climates, there was an atrium that had flower sculptures hanging from each of the roof windows. I loved this one, not just because it was bright pink, but because of how bold it was while still being delicate.


I’ve always loved bonsai. I’ve thought about learning what makes a bonsai a good bonsai, but there are always so many things to do, see, and learn in the world that this never makes the short list. The information placquard for the bonsai exhibit said:

“Bonsai is sometimes misconstrued as an execise in restricting growth. Trees are mistakenly valued only for age, rather than for how they capture a moment in nature…Shallow pots are essential for providing airflow to the fine, fibrous roots of bonsai. Permeable soils are used to ensure that the delicate roots recieve adequate drainage. Every one to three years, each bonsai is taken out of its pot, the roots are trimmed,  and some soil is replaced. Over time, a dense root system develops, allowing the tree to absorb water and nutrients efficiently…With maturity, the bonsai slowly comes into harmony, believing it is a 30-foot-tall tree in the landscape.”


I’ve always loved ferns and found the curve of their new growths to be a beautiful shape.

medusa pepper plant

There was an edible plants exhibit with a lovely selection of beautiful peppers. I thought these were fun, and they had a great name – Medusa.

lace doilies

I bought myself a souvenir walking home from the gardens. By the side of the street there was a little flea market and I bought 5 lace doilies. The perfect start of a collection for one of my current inspirations.

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