Bringing Back the Romper!

red and black plaid romper simplicity 2222

I made a romper and I’m totally in love with it. I wore it into lab last week and got in a long conversation with a labmate about how ridiculous rompers are and how I want to single-handedly bring them back in fashion. Then I stopped by the bench of another friend of mine who immediately remarked “Awesome romper! I’ve been looking at one I really want from the Gap.” So, it turns out that rompers are fashionable right now. I didn’t know. I supposed I should have guessed, given the fact that I sewed the romper from a pattern that I recently bought.

simplicity 2222 suede says romper

I rarely sew from patterns. But, I happened to pick up a few on 99 cent pattern sale. One of them was Simplicity 2222. (And apparently Suede is a well known designer. My mom pointed him out to me at Sew Expo but I didn’t put it together that I recognized his name until pulling out this pattern.)

Anyway, like I said, I don’t usually sew from patterns because I like the challenge of drafting my own and I usually have something specific in mind so that by the time I’ve altered the pattern to fit me and to contain the design elements I want, I might as well have drafted my own pattern. Surprisingly to me, I used this pattern almost as-is and loved the result!

I only made a couple of changes to the pattern since I’m pear shaped. I cut the shorts one size larger than the top, but they were generously eased so it probably wasn’t necessary. Also, I pinched the underarm seam in a bit at the armpit so that the armhole wasn’t so large. I should have redrawn the curve instead of pinch fabric out because the bust button pulls ever-so-slightly. Oops.

irregular red and black plaid

The largest problems I faced had to do with the fabric, not the pattern. It was a fairly loose weave so I sewed all the seams, then I serged the seams, then I topstitched the serged seam down. I figured this made the seams about as strong as possible, so hopefully they don’t pull. As I was laying out the pieces and desperately trying to match the plaids, I discovered that the plaid in this fabric is uneven. As in not all the squares are the same size as other squares and those that are different are different in an unpredictable manner. Aaagh! It was crazy making!

gathered back seam red and black plaid

So, I did my best. I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. The worst offenders in unmatching plaids were between blouse and shorts and since the waist seam is gathered with elastic, it’s barely noticeable.

front romper faux pocket

And one final picture of the faux chest pocket as I’m proud of my pretty sewing on it!

I’m so obsessed with this romper right now that I’m considering sewing another one. This time I’ll alter the pattern to be full length trouser and maybe add some 3/4 length sleeves. Or maybe clamdigger length and short sleeves. Any opinions out there? I’m pretty sure I’ll use this thick grey cotton I have in my stash.

grey folded fabric

Edit: See more of my romper (dressed for SF weather) here!