Breezy Blouse in Sew News Magazine April/May 2015

My mom is always the first person to be proud of any accomplishment of mine (although my husband now fights with her for that title), but I have to admit that my mom was excited that my Breezy Blouse pattern was going to appear in Sew News Magazine April/May 2015 for more than just pride – she wanted me to give her the samples!


I originally drafted the pattern for my mom and its working title was simply “Mom’s Blouse.” It was inspired by a RTW blouse that she liked. I have already made her 3 versions with the batik rayon version her definite favorite and the beige silk version a strong second.

breezy blouse sew news april-may 2015

Sew News is offering the pattern available as a free download (until May 31, 2015) although you will need to buy the magazine for the instructions, so pop on over now if this is a pattern that appeals to you (or your mom!).

breezy blouse samples

I sewed the floral sample (that appears in the magazine) out of a rayon challis and the geometric sample out of a synthetic satin backed crepe. Both are mid-weight fabrics with nice drape. The combination of fabric weight and drape, and the loose fit of the tunic are particularly flattering on figures like my mom’s – the blouse drapes off the bust so the waist is de-emphasized without dwarfing the rest of her figure in too much fabric.

breezey blouse button pocket

On the geometric sample that wasn’t used in the magazine, I made some minor changes and used a single pocket with a giant button closure and added an extra button to decorate the top of the center back slit. The satin backing on this fabric made it quite a bit more challenging to work with than the rayon challis but it’s so delightful on the skin. I wish this was a good style for me – if it was I’d keep it for myself!

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