Bougle Leg Embroidery – Pattern from Victorian Anatomical Drawing

Bougles leg anatomical embroidery

Being stuck on the couch with an injury does have some silver linings. One of them has been ample time for hand work which has resulted in me finishing a new embroidery project. Bougle’s Leg is an embroidery pattern based on an anatomical drawing from 1899 by Joulien Bougle (making it from the Victorian era). It uses three colors (black, red, and blue) and is all done in stem stitch.

anatomical leg embroidery closeup

The finished embroidery is 16″ long and 3″ wide. Most of it is done with one strand of embroidery floss although there are a few places that use two or three strands to get the wider veins. This makes for an easy project with a striking end result.

Joulien Bougle Anatomical Drawing Legs

This is the second project in my series of needlework patterns based on Joulien Bougle’s drawings. The first was an anatomical heart needlepoint. I’ve taken up needlework recently as a means of creating science inspired art, drawing on the world surrounding me Monday-Friday 9-5 (and more) as I finish my Ph.D. in biochemistry.

anatomical foot embroidery

If you’re interested in making your own Bougle’s Leg embroidery [Edit: Not currently for sale.]. The pattern is 6 pages and includes helpful embroidery hints, a scaled down color schematic for reference, and to-scale full color as well as black and white diagrams. Coming soon – a tutorial on how to stitch stem stitch, the only stitch used in this embroidery, and a information on how to use transfer-eze, a water soluble stabilizer that you can print on.

red black blue leg embroidery

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