Bottom Layers Hair Dye

It’s no secret that I get antsy when I haven’t done anything to my hair in a while. “A while” can range from weeks to months. While I am a big proponent of experimenting with one’s hair, this can be a bit challenging if (like me right now) you’re trying to grow out your hair and don’t want to damage it or cut off length. Also, I hate having to deal with roots and I’m too broke to get anything done professionally.

So, what I decided to do is to get a bottle of red hair dye, and dye the bottom half of my hair.

What that gives me is a tiny peek of red from the side.

No change from the front.

And a pretty red that blends out of the bottom of my hair as seen from the back. The perfect solution for a bit of fun with long layered hair. It gives a similar effect to dying the tips of your hair, but it’s much easier!

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