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I’m really excited to get to share the launch of a new business by my friend Shannon and her sister Colleen. I met Shannon at Sewing Summit a couple of years ago where she became an immediate friend. Shannon wanted some fun decorations for her sewing room, so she teamed up with her sister to launch Boo In Stitches, a collection of sewing themed posters. These posters seriously made me laugh out loud!


I just moved into a home that I will be house-sitting for the next 3 months and the first thing I did was to rip a bunch of decorations off the wall where I assembled my sewing corner so that I could have these prints up on my own wall. “Hello, Is it me you’re looking for?” Yes! Yes, seam ripper it is. I am always looking for you!


To celebrate their launch, Shannon and Colleen are giving away a free Boo In Stitches print! I had some technical glitches yesterday when this was supposed to go up on my blog, so the giveaway is up on my Instagram. Pop on over there for a chance to win your own! And many thanks to Shannon and Colleen for giving me my own posters – I love them!

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