Bonnie Birdie Socks

bonnie birdie socks 3

I’m not great at knitting in season. Well, maybe I’m not great at finishing knitting projects in season. Because I seem to start them when they are seasonally appropriate but by the time I finish them, the season has passed. So, I may not get to wear my Bonnie Birdie Socks from Knitting Knee Highs by Barb Brown immediately, but you sure can bet that I will be wearing them as soon as the weather cools a little! (Or in the evenings between dinner and bedtime, because I just can’t restrain myself from wearing new things!)

bonnie birdie socks 5

I haven’t knit any other patterns from the Knitting Knee Highs book, but I am a junkie for knee high socks (even if my Teenage Mutant Ninja Knee Highs are the only other handknit ones that have made it on to my blog) so I definitely see using more patterns from the book. There’s a nice assortment of patterns, they seem to be well written, and they come in multiple sizes.

bonnie birdie socks 2

I had bought the yellow yarn because some of the funds go to support animal welfare and I seem to have a soft spot for butter yellow, even if it’s not the best color on me. The blueish yarn I stole from my mom’s shelf (frogging the first inch of an abandoned cowl to get it. Shhhh. Don’t tell!) so I know nothing about it.

bonnie birdie socks 6

The pattern knit up easily . The only fudging I did was to knit a small calf and a large foot which made for a perfect fit on my chicken legs/hobbit feet. Apparently I did something funky on the toe of the first sock I knit as it doesn’t match the pattern (but does match the heel). I decided not to rip it out and that I’m going to be content with mismatched toes as they are quite subtle and nobody is going to see them other than me, Adam, and our cat. And I don’t see Adam or Tig minding the state of my mismatched sock toes.

bonnie birdie socks 4

I think the combination of shaping and colorwork on these socks is quite clever. The side panels allow different sizes and a nicely controlled decreasing without affecting the pretty front and back bird design. Overall I’m definitely pleased with the socks (and pleased to have them off my needles since I started them in April)!

bonnie birdie socks

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  1. Those are beautiful! And good idea mixing sizes (speaking as someone else with spindly legs and hobbit feet) :-)
    I’ve also been finishing things mid-Summer, although they were started in the Autumn. I Just get distracted. So now I have a lovely warm soft cowl waiting for when it cools down…

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      It’s kind of nice to have a finished something too look forward to with the season change, isn’t it?

      It reminds me a bit of back-to-school shopping with my mom. She would take me to Nordstrom every year before school started to pick out a couple of new outfits for the school year, but I wasn’t allowed to wear any of the new clothes until school actually started. The anticipation made me 10x more excited when I actually got to wear the clothes!

  2. Firstly, love the socks. And I love that you didn’t finish them in a weekend! I take forever to finish projects and the Internet can make me feel a little bad about that sometimes. But here is proof that one can make a beautiful thing slowly. My current sweater will be two years in the making by the time I finish it. Ridiculous!

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      There’s nothing ridiculous about taking 2 years to make something if it is bringing you pleasure to make it on that time scale. I have plenty of projects that end up being years in the making for one reason or another and I think the key is just to appreciate them for what they bring to you when you do work on them. They nay mot be the projects that you feel the need to sit down and work on them constantly until they are done (because I definitely have those too), but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own merit!

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