Bleach T-Shirt with Star Pattern using Freezer Paper

spray bleach tee shirt stars brown

Adam was getting rid of a few t-shirts that he didn’t wear much. I snagged them as a chance to play with some bleach techniques. To make this shirt I used an old t-shirt, bleach, a spray bottle, and some freezer paper. I’ve always been a fan of stars as a fun graphic shape (and on red or blue they would be great for the 4th of July), but next time I think I’ll try something complicated to see how intricate this will work.

cut stars out of freezer paper

Freezer paper is a great tool that I got in the habit of using thanks to my mom (it’s often used in quilting). Available at the grocery store, it acts just like paper on one side so you can draw on it to your hearts content. Here I roughly drew a bunch of different sizes of stars and cut them out.

iron freezer paper onto tshirt

The other side of the freezer paper will stick to fabric if you iron it down, and stays quite nicely through a lot of manipulation, but will peel off without leaving any residue. It can even be ironed and peeled multiple times.

bleached start tshirt

Once I had ironed the stars to my tee shirt, I put some bleach and a lot of water in a spray bottle (at about 1:10 ratio) and sprayed around the stars on the shirt. I left it sitting outside for about a half hour and then rinsed it out thoroughly in the sink. Oila! New shirt! A higher concentration of bleach would make the contrast stronger (although I was going for subtle. I know, me choosing subtle. Go figure. It happens occasionally.), but be careful to keep an eye on it so you don’t eat through your shirt!

bleached brown star tshirt back

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  1. I love you! I know that’s is a bit extreme but I have been searching for star shirts for about 3 months now and I haven’t found anything that I like and the selection is very limited for shirts with stars especially for men. When I saw your simple but super cool and just what I wanted post I got rather happy and thus the love post came out. Thank you again….I mean it. I am a t shirt nut. Barry Fields (forever) most people don’t get that one.

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