Blackberry Liquorice Cocktail or Mocktail

blackberry liquorice cocktail

I’m surrounded by so many ripe blackberries that I’m needing to get creative with how I use them since a girl can only eat so many baked goods and drink so many smoothies (although I don’t think I’ll ever tire of eating them right off the vine)! Long, hot summer evenings are perfect for plopping down on the porch with a good sewing book in one hand (don’t you read books on tailoring for fun?) and a cocktail in the other. I’ve been experimenting with cocktails and mocktails that I can make out of blackberries using only ingredients in my poorly stocked cupboard (most everything is in storage right now). I came up with this fun little drink that I wanted to share!

blackberry licorice cocktail


Handful of blackberries
Honey or simple syrup
Absinthe and vodka (for a cocktail)
Licorice or anise tea (for a mocktail)
Soda water

blackberry liquorice mocktail


Put a handful of blackberries in a glass along with a teaspoon or so of honey or simple syrup. Use more or less depending on how sweet you like your drinks. Note that the honey will take some effort to dissolve. Add a shot of vodka and a splash of absinth (for a mild licorice flavor) or a whole shot of absinth (for a strong licorice flavor). Muddle the blackberries (I just smashed them up with a fork). Fill the glass up with soda water and toss in a couple ice cubes.

For a mocktail version, make a strong cup of licorice or anise tea. Let it cool and then substitute the tea for the alcohol.

etched seattle glass with blackberries

While you’re oohing and aahing over this cocktail, did you notice the adorable glasses that I used? UncommonGoods sent me a pair of Seattle Map Glasses. Like most of their products, they’re made in the USA. I really respect UncommonGoods’ mission of supporting artists and designers, being conscious of their impact on individuals and the environment, and paying their workers a fair wage. I enjoyed poking through their personalized gifts and their anniversary gifts (here and here) looking for something fun to commemorate our recent move and think that these etched glasses perfectly fit the bill!

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