Black Velvet Trousers

black velvet thurlow trousers

I’ve decided that my sewing focus for this coming year is technique. I want to focus on perfection in my sewn goods. I’ve started off with a pair of black velvet trousers, Of course, it’s the exact wrong item to show off my focus on technique since it’s gosh darn difficult to take pictures of black velvet. But here goes nothing.

black velvet trouser front

The fabric was a gift. It’s a very heavy velvet. I actually think that it had a former life as theatrical blackout curtains, so I can add one more item to the list of things I’ve made out of curtains. I used the thurlow trousers pattern (to round out my collection) but changed the shape of the leg. I took out the fit and flair and instead made them a straight-leg pant. The cut is the exact same as my favorite pair of jeans from 6th grade (haha!). They’re not very fashion-forward or interesting, but I think they’ll be a good staple for cold weather for years to come. Classic, not boring.

fully lined black velvet trousers

I fully lined the pants, something I have never done before. I used a tribal print woven (another gift) for the facings and plain back lining fabric for the lining. I like using interesting fabrics for facings as they make me smile when I put on the pants. (Ok, so I admit that I still haven’t put a button and buttonhole on the waistband. So they aren’t technically completely done. But I’ve been wearing them nonetheless!).

black velvet welt pocket

I made perfect welt pockets in the back. I am so very proud of them. Of course they are pretty hidden, given that they are black velvet, unless I take a photo and blow out the exposure (as above). But I know how nice they are.

invisible hand-tacket hem


I hand sewed an invisible hem (on the airplane home for Christmas, so I guess this is technically last year’s project).

black velvet trousers fly

I think the front fly turned out well too. I opted to leave off the belt carriers as I wanted to minimize topstitching on the velvet. I think I will add a second trouser hook (or get a wider one) so the waistband pulls evenly, not just at the top.

I made these trousers while watching a Craftsy class on Trouser Construction with Sandra Betzina. Stay tuned tomorrow for more information on the class (and a coupon to take it for yourself!).

black velvet trousers rear

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      Thanks so much! I did not use anything special to press the velvet. It was a very easy fabric to work with (probably synthetic, definitely not silk, so maybe technically a velveteen not a velvet).

  1. I think focusing on technique is a great goal for 2013. These look great, and those welt pockets are indeed perfect! Definitely a classic and fabulous wardrobe staple – well done!

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