Black Velvet Babydoll Top

There comes a time in every person’s life when the fashions of their youth are on trend again. Folks, that time for me is now. The thing about revisiting fashions from the past is that I’m now old enough and self-confident enough that I can put my own spin them. I can take the elements I remember fondly, mix them up with other things that speak to me now, and rock a version that is totally uniquely me.

Growing up in Seattle, the 90’s were all about grunge. This black velvet babydoll (self-drafted off my tee shirt block) and black leather boots are a little bit 90’s Courtney Love (and so is my hair right now) as I was always drawn to the femme side of grunge (other than 7th grade in which I wore a lot of dumpy jeans, t-shirts, and oversized button front shirts). Styled with cheery geometric-print leggings and a necklace that was my grandmother’s, this outfit is all me.

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  1. I am seriously, SERIOUSLY, loving this top. Like you I love the grunge look, and I could totally see myself wearing this top and making hundreds of them… gutted that it wasn’t from a pattern because I was so going straight out to buy whatever the pattern was!

    1. Post

      Thanks! I appreciate the compliment! It’s a really easy pattern hack from any fitted t-shirt pattern you already have. Cut the shirt off a couple inches below your bust and then just sew a slightly gathered rectangle of fabric to the bottom.

  2. I love this top – but I can’t quite see the detail. What make a babydoll top a babydoll top?
    Great combo with the bright leggings. Inspirational.
    Listening to you on love sewing. Thank you!

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