Black and Pink Joggers


So, I’m a little behind on the jogger fashion trend. Yeah, more than a little behind. But I got there. That’s what matters, right? Actually, what matters is that I now have a pair of sweatpants that I can wear in public (heck, that I can wear in front of my husband) without being embarrassed by how grubby and ill-fitting they are. Dare I say it, these things are even kinda cute!


I used my jeans block as a base, graded up a size, and added in a little bit of wearing ease. Both the black and pink sweatshirt terry were from the thrift store. I opted to add a contrast trim to the front pockets and was going to have hanging pocket bags, but I got excited and sewed on the contrast trim before I sewed on the pocket – oops. I had to modify my plans to add a sport-style pocket that is one layer stitched onto the pants.


On the back, I thought it would be fun to do single welt pockets. I’m not sure what definition of “fun” I was using when I thought it would be “fun”. Turned out to be a pain to sew them in a mildly stretchy fabric without using interfacing (yeah, that was my bad) and, as you can see, when I wear the pants, they stretch wide open and look kinda funny. So much for classing up the sweatpants with a “fun” welt. Next time I’ll just add patch pockets like I should have in the first place.


I wanted an extra wide waistband to show off the contrast fabric so I cut a 3″ waistband. I only had 2″ elastic, so I stitched in a bit from the top and bottom of the waistband to narrow the channel. It’s still a bit looser than ideal, but these are just sweatpants so I’m not going to futz any further. I used a giganto 4″ cuff on the bottom, again because I wanted to bring more fuchsia into the garment. Because all black would be too practical (and by practical I usually mean boring).


Here’s a glimpse of my photography assistant. I was sorely tempted to whip her up a pair of matching pants, but she has a bunch of pants that fit right now so I restrained myself. I may still cave in in the future :)


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