Bicycle Tube Straps

bike tube strap on case

It always makes me cringe a little when I fix a flat tire on my bike and throw away the tube. I have this feeling that there simply must be something crafty I can do with the tubes. So, I’ve been saving the tubes for a while. So far my favorite thing to do with them is to make straps.

small bike tube strap

They’re great for straps because they’re strong but have a little bit of give so you can make them quite snug. I’ve used them to hold all sorts of things in place, from keeping craft boxes closed to keeping the brake cable from rattling on my bike.

long bike tube strap

Start by cutting off the valve. Then cut along a seam for the length of the tube so that it opens flat. Then measure how long you want the strap to be. Remember that the strap will hold tightest if it’s stretched a bit. A rule of thumb that has worked for me is to cut the strap to the exact circumference of whatever object I want to wrap it around. I will then take up slack by the fact that the snaps set in a bit. For example, if I want to wrap it around a box that measures 18″ in circumference, I cut the tube at 18″, but when I set the snaps in, it will measure to a final snapped length of about 17″.

set snaps in bike tube

Set your snaps, following the directions on the packaging that comes with your snaps. I’ve found it super helpful to use a snapsetter tool. I’ve used either one or two snaps on the strap. Or you can even set several snaps along the length of the strap so that it is adjustable.

bike tube strap on bike fram

These are super handy to have around the house and a really easy gift to make for handy sorts of people that you can never figure out what to make for!

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