The Beginning of a Purple Mystery Organ Needlepoint

start of anatomical needlepoint

I’ve started a new needlepoint project to follow up my Anatomical Heart Needlepoint. I decided to do it in 6 shades of purple that I hand dyed. It will be several inches larger than the heart, perfect for turning into a pillow for our couch :)

Purple hand dyed yarn hanks

I tied a bunch of hanks of natural 50% wool 50% silk yarn (following my own tutorial) and dyed them in a pot on my stove. I wantonly mixed red and blue dye in two different batches (the top and bottom rows shown above) so I ended up with two slightly differently hued sets. To get the variety of shades along the top row, I put the first hank in for 15m, the second for 5 min, the third I dipped in, and the last two I got wet before dipping in. Dying them in sequential order, the earlier hanks take up the majority of the dye before the final hanks are put in. You don’t get the same effect by putting them all in together and waiting for different timing because they take up a lot of the dye with the initial insertion.

needlepoint rear

This time around, I’ve been paying particular attention to technique. Were anyone to examine that back of my heart needlepoint (my first needlepoint ever), they would find that I wasn’t  doing the stitch correctly. It took me a while to figure out that a needlepoint stitch is not the same as half of a cross stitch. The needlepoint stitch is designed for much more coverage on the back of the canvas, unlike cross stitch where you minimize the amount of thread on the back.

single color needlepoint close up

Like seemingly all of my needlework right now, this needlepoint is based on a Victorian Era drawing by Joulien Bougle. So, any guesses on what this organ is?

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  1. I get so excited over things like this! I love the heart you did. I will guess at a brain, the folded up picture looks like a thermal image scan or some such thing. (although I’m sure that wasn’t what was drawn by Bougle! ;) )

  2. My money is on a kidney, for sure! I agree with the commenter above, it could also be a brain, but those loops above look a lot like the inside of a kidney in cross-section.

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