Batch of Baby Booties

batch of baby booties simplicity 2278 view b

There are a lot of babies being born to people I know these days. While I like to make something involved for the babies of the people most important to me (like knitting a baby sweater for my step-sister), I like to have a selection of small handmade gifts on hand  for more casual acquaintances. I love gifting handmade because of the love given that is clearly a part of the gift. In January I made a giant batch of baby shoes from Simplicity 2278 (see that post for more details on the pattern) and I just replenished that stash. I decided to use all View B because I enjoyed sewing it the most the last time around, and using all the same pattern made it easier to streamline the sewing process. I dug through my bag of scraps and put together slippers with scraps from my Robson Trench Coat, Mad Men Joan Dress, Derp Skirt, Yellow Twill Skirt, 1942 Shirtwaist Dress, Apple Bottom Skirt, Woven Tee Shirts, and more. Recognize any of the fabrics? I tried to make most of them gender neutral so that I didn’t have to worry about having gender appropriate gifts as the stash wears down.

green and yellow baby slippers simplicity 2278

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  1. Oh my gosh, these teeny tiny shoes are just too cute! I wouldn’t have known I wanted to make baby shoes until now, but I do! I’ll have to keep my eye out for that pattern…

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