Baseball is a Summer Staple Dress

baseball staple dress 3

When we first arrived in our summer home, of course I got my sewing machine set up right away. But, despite (or perhaps because) of the giant list of things I have to sew this summer, all I wanted to do was whip up something silly and easy. Certainly influenced by the very summery weather (that I’m not actually used to after 7 years of San Francisco summers), I wanted a sundress. And, despite the fact that I kept out many nice cottons that would have done very well, I got it in my head that I absolutely had to turn this ridiculous 1980’s baseball print that I had found at a thrift store forever ago into a dress.

baseball staple dress

Since I didn’t have much of this print, the dress was going to have to be something without a lot of volume. I ended up choosing the Staple Dress by April Rhodes. It’s not a pattern I would have bought myself as it’s very simple, but I got it as a part of the last Perfect Pattern Parcel and of course I’ve seen plenty of pretty versions floating around. And I actually wanted to use a very easy pattern instead of drafting my own because the whole point of this dress was easy!

baseball player fabric

I’m not super into the high-low thing (setting aside the fact that I adore my Hot American Summer Tee), but thought that this dress needed the scoop to give it a little bit of design interest. I also shortened the dress by several inches because that was all the fabric I had.┬áThe pattern suggested that the high-low hem be sewn from lighter fabrics, but this cotton was quite stiff, even after a couple washings. I think it works just fine, even if it does hold the shape out a bit instead of drape. I think pretty much what you see when you look at this dress is not the dress, but the fabric, and that’s fine by me!

baseball staple dress 2

This gigantic print in very limited yardage required a bit of fussing in pattern placement, but I was super excited to get the baseball player front and center on the bodice. Of course this leaves an X over my crotch and baseball players sliding across my butt, but some of the initial placements I toyed with were much worse, trust me! (And no, I had nowhere near enough fabric to attempt to pattern match along the sides).

smocked waist

I added several rows of smocking (done with elastic in the bobbin) to the waist because I look best when the waist is very defined. It’s still not a super-flattering dress (although it could be much, much worse), butI comfortable and it’s easy to wear and that’s a win.

bias tape neck facing

The neck and sleeves I bound in some bias tape from my stash (which I think my grandmother made at some point) instead of making it out of the fashion fabric as instructed. Nobody tells me what to do! (Or I just didn’t have enough of the fabric). I’ve been wearing this dress pretty much every other day since I made it, so that alone should say that it’s a win!

baseball staple dress rear

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  1. Ah, this is amazing! I love this crazy kind of novelty fabric but have never been able to find it locally (other than from Spotlight, which I try to avoid – and I’ve never seen anything as amazing as this)

    1. Post

      So glad you like the fabric! I’m afraid I can’t offer any suggestions about sourcing awesome fabric like this, other than always keep your eye open – it was tucked away in the corner of a dingy thrift store.

  2. I’d say this is a home run (lol, sorry, I couldn’t resist). I have this pattern sitting here as well, and think maybe I should give shirring a try.

    Glad you’re enjoying your move!

  3. love this, a simple, fun play dress for hot summer days, and sorting out a new house. Love that shirring on the waist, very clever.

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