Bachelorette Hair Clips

Bachelorette hair clips

My cousin is getting married this fall. I am so excited in so many ways. First, I’m thrilled that she’s getting married. Her fiance is a wonderful man and they make a wonderful couple. Second, I’m thrilled to be a part of the wedding and to be able to celebrate it with her and the rest of our family. Third, I’m stoked to go to Nashville for the first time for the bachelorette party!

Hair Clip for Bachelorette Party

I thought I would make a fun little contribution to the bachelorette celebration. I’m not one for the typical bachelorette debauchment or accoutrement (i.e. not so thrilled to make phalluses a part of my party clothes). Instead, I’ve borrowed a wonderful idea from another friend’s bachelorette party. I made floral hair clips for each gal joining the celebration. And I made a special one for my cousin with some white tulle.

back of handmade floral hair clip

Construction was super simple. I started by cutting the ribbon into 6″ lengths and flaming each end so that they wouldn’t fray.  I had bought a pack of the hair clips from a hair supply store quite a while ago. (They’re called duck bill clips). A quick layer of hot glue on top and I laid down the ribbons. Then another squirt of hot glue and I pressed on the flower. Wham. Bam. Thank you ma’am. It’s not elegant on the back (in fact, you can see the remnants of the glitter glue stick that was in my glue gun from a former project), but all the mess is hidden from the front.