Baby’s Hope Chest Part 2

adams first christmas outfit

Though I knew that my mom had saved family heirlooms for me to give to my baby, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Adam’s mom had as well! She brought us a small bundle of clothes just after Evelyn’s birth and shared their histories. I think my favorite is this adorable green velvet outfit that Adam’s Grandmother Sheila sewed for him (entirely by hand) for his first Christmas outfit. I really hope it fits Evelyn come Christmas because she’s already too big for my first Christmas outfit! (I was a preemie and born in November so mine is tiny).

adams 1970's toddler jumpsuit

Okay, so maybe my favorite is this jumpsuit that Adam’s mom sewed for him. I love how very 70’s it is and can’t wait for Evie to wear it! I might have to make myself a super 70’s jumpsuit to wear at the same time…

caras clothes for adam

Adam’s godmother Caro hand sewed a couple of things for him as well. The Indian fabric shirt is so tiny it looks like it would barely fit a doll! Adam was also a preemie so it fit him when he came home but there is no way it will fit my robust baby girl.

adamsbaby clothes

There are a couple of ready-to-wear shirts that Adam’s mom embellished. She embroidered the little tank tops. I’m excited for Evelyn to wear the bright yellow ADAM shirt as well because she looks so much like her dad that we have nicknamed her “little Adam.”

judis baby clothes

There are a few dresses that Adam’s mother wore as a baby in the early 1950’s. They are in pretty delicate condition so Evie may wear them for a very special occasion, or we may decide just to admire them and pass them on to the next generation.

harrys baby clothing 1936

Amazingly, the bundle also included clothes that Adam’s dad wore as a baby in 1936. The little shirts are the most delicate silk and the gown is flannel with a silk collar. The creme silk top is embroidered while the pink silk top is painted. They are in lovely condition for being so old, though I’m also fearful to have Evelyn wear these as they are quite delicate. I think it’s quite interesting that they are pink and floral – times certainly have changed as to what is considered gender appropriate. It seems that “boy clothes” now all are blue, green, or brown and have monkeys, trucks, or dinosaurs on them. I’m glad that, as Evelyn is a girl, I can easily dress her in florals or dinosaurs, although I’d like to think I would have done the same if she were a boy.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these lovely
    treasures, Adam’s family adores you I am sure for appreciating the history and love in these baby clothes.

  2. I love the hand embroidery! These are priceless, and when I’ve seen garments like this, it’s usually in a museum! THANKS for sharing!

  3. If it wouldn’t hurt the dresses from the 1950’s, it would be so cute to frame them and put them on the wall for Evelyn to admire.

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