Baby’s First Fair Isle

Baby Fair Isle Sweater Orange and Brown

I’m excited to announce that I have finished a new knitting pattern and listed it on Ravelry for sale – Baby’s First Fair Isle. I picked the palette of colors for my cousin Amilia who lives in rural New Mexico. Even though she lives in the desert, it’s high desert, so chilly nights still require snuggly sweaters.
Fair Isle Sleeve accent
It’s a simply shaped cardigan, knit in the round, bottom up and includes a steeked front. Sleeves are knit in the round separately, joined to the body at the underarm, and the yoke is knit in the round with decrease stitches giving it a raglan-like fit.

Buttons on Fair Isle Sweater

If you’ve never knit stranded knitting before, this isn’t the pattern for you, unless you’re willing to look elsewhere for support on new techniques. It assumes that you have prior experience with stranded knitting. There are many excellent resources out there to teach techniques, and this pattern is not meant to be one. But if you are willing to knit with a reference book (or the internet) by your side, go ahead and give it a shot!

Fair Isle Pattern Sweater Back

Stranded knitting in general isn’t that hard. Really. I promise. If you’ve been thinking about trying it, I strongly encourage you. I think it’s a pretty simple technique, once you get used to it. It’s just a lot of knit stitches. It does require a couple skills that take some practice. First, are you comfortable reading charts? If you can read a cable chart, you can easily read a color chart. But if you haven’t read charts before, I would start by knitting a basic cable piece so it’s second nature to read from right to left, bottom to top. The second is learning to knit with two strands at once. There are several different ways to do this and all sorts of tutorials online to help with this part. I’ve found that it works well for me to knit both English and Continental with a strand in each hand. However, I would suggest trying the various methods and seeing what’s best for you. Honestly, when I started my first stranded project, I knit the first several inches by knitting a couple of stitches in one color, dropping it and picking up the other color, and repeating. It was slow and tortuous, helped me understand stranded knitting, and really¬†motivated me to learn how to do it right!

Steeks and Floats Inside Fair Isle Sweater

Finally, a peak at the beautifully even (if I do say so myself) floats on the inside .

Babys First Fair Isle Sweater