Baby Shoes Galore!

simplicity 2278 baby shoes
I got a little carried away this weekend cutting and sewing baby shoes! I decided to participate in the stashbusting sewalong and baby shoes seemed like a good way to use scraps, January’s stashbusting theme. I sat down on Saturday with my friend Beth to catch up on Season 7 of Doctor Who and while we were watching I went through my scrap bin and just kept cutting and cutting and cutting.

simplicity 2278 view a

I used Simplicity 2278 and sewed all 4 views. View A includes an adult slipper pattern. I sewed the large, but apparently my feet are larger than large (what a blow to my ego!), so I’ll probably send these slippers to my mom. The outer fabric is leftovers from a duffel bag and the inner fleece is from my suitcase cozy (and before that a headboard). The baby shoes are leftover fabric from a pencil skirt (coming soon) and a pair of Adam’s pants that I chopped into shorts.

simplicity 2278 view bView B is the easiest to sew up by far. I’m actually pretty tempted to draft an adult version of this for myself. And if I do so I will call it large, because I’m okay with having large feet but not okay with having feet that are larger than large. So there. One pair was scraps from a woven tee and the lining from my jumpsuit. The other pair was scraps from my velvet trousers and the pink a pre-blog something I made for my mom (although I honestly can’t remember if it was a skirt, blouse, or dress at this point.)

simplicity 2278 view cI’ve sewn view C before and I think it’s quite cute. I like using contrasting fabrics for the flap and it looks super cute with buttons and I love adding buttons to things. The green shoes are again from the duffel bag and the contrast from my 1940’s blouse. The floral shoes are from a very failed dress that was such an epic fail it shall not be discussed (not common for me, I swear) and the lining the pre-blog mystery-mom-project.

simplicity 2278 view dView D makes a cute little boot. I ignored the assembly instructions, which I shouldn’t have, since my lining ended up a bit bunchy. Oops. The brocade is from my cousin’s bachelorette robe. The green shirting is from a pair of pajamas I made for Adam for Christmas and the lining is from my derp skirt.

baby shoe solesFor all of the shoes I didn’t use the recommended non-slip bottom but instead used fabric puff-paint to paint stripes onto the bottom. These shoes are small enough that they should be pre-walking so it shouldn’t matter too much. I thought I would get the chance to test if it’s enough traction for an adult, but I’ll have to task my mom to that experiment or I need to make another pair.

red hand sewn cloth baby shoe

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