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There are two types of sewists when it comes to sewing things for babies. There are those that look at pattern pieces for pockets and say “That’s silly, she won’t be needing the pockets. I’ll just leave them off for simplicity’s sake.” And then there are those of us that go “Squee!! Tiny pocketses!!” By looking at the photos of Evelyn’s latest pants, I’m sure you’ll be able to guess which camp I fall into :)

I know that babies grow in spurts, but I swear I just blinked and all of the sudden Evie only had 2 pairs of pants that fit her.  Since I try to avoid doing laundry every single day (though sometimes that seems to be inevitable), I grabbed the couple pair of pants that fit her from our island thrift store and I made her a couple of pairs myself. Though it is tempting to dress Evelyn only in garments made from my Electron Layette (since I happen to adore the patterns and they’re fast and easy to sew), I decided to try a couple of patterns from Ottobre magazine.

The first pair is the Up and Run poplin pants (#8) from Spring 2017. It’s got velcroed back pockets, front trouser pockets, an elastic and drawstring waist, and a knit ribbing on the waist and ankle (though I used some scuba scraps). I made them out of scraps leftover from our living room pillows so Evelyn nicely matches our decor at the moment. There wasn’t enough to pattern match and some pieces had to be cut cross grain to fit, but I made it work.

Evie is a bit of a challenge to fit in RTW clothing as she’s tall and skinny (90th percentile height and 35th percentile weight). We also cloth diaper her so she has a much bigger bubble butt than most clothes are designed for. I decided to just go ahead and sew the Ottobre patterns with a bit of extra length but no big-butt modifications and hope for the best. The Up and Run pants fit her right now but I’m dressing her in them as often as I can as they are snug through the diapered butt so they won’t fit her too long. I like the pattern and traced it up a couple sizes as well so I’ll make a quick full-butt-adjustment and sew them again when she’s ready for the next pair.

I also sewed her the King of Forest jersey pants form Ottobre Winter 2016. I used scraps of a couple of different jerseys from my scrap bin. I was glad to find a use for the scraps of that floral as I adore it and made my mom a blouse out of it and just couldn’t bear to part with what was left over, even though it was only baby pocket size :)

These pants have a crotch gusset and offer plenty of room for a cloth diapered baby butt.

I’m pretty happy to have bought myself a year’s subscription to Ottobre. They have a great assortment of basic but interesting baby and kids clothes patterns. I’m not sure I’ll feel the need to continue my subscription past a year as a lot of designs are very similar from one issue to another and I have the skillz to take a basic design and modify it as desired. But I’m glad to have a selection of modern patterns that will be a great resource for sewing for Evie through her childhood.

Part of me feels guilty that I’ve done so very little sewing for my bug in her first year of life. I look at the tiny baby clothes patterns and lament the fact that I made so few when, at almost 1 year old, she and her clothing needs are way more toddler than baby. But then I remind myself that sewing for myself is still my best therapy and I’m barely getting time to do that these days (though I do have a couple big projects that I’m hopefully wrapping up and sharing very soon *ahem*raincoat*ahem*). I’m human and there are only so many hours in the day. I’ve got to keep reminding myself that.

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  1. What a little DOLL in her little Bowie tee shirt. Rock on girl! Cute pants too!

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