Ava Blouse. Meh.

ava blouse victory patterns

Spring really needs to hit. Because I seem to be filling my wardrobe up with black and neutral pieces. Which is fine. They’re interesting and wearable and all that. And very appropriate for dreary winter weather. But I just dug through my whole closet and man is it gray! {Major note to self: Add some brights and florals, ASAP!} This Ava blouse, part of the first Perfect Pattern Parcel, is another in my apparent recent trend of neutral. I feel about the blouse like I do about the winter weather – it’s better in my head than around my body.

ava blouse back victory patterns

I love both the fabrics I used. The tribal print contrast was a gift from a friend (thanks again Dawn!) and what I used to face my black velvet trousers. I picked up the main fabric at a flea market in Guernville, CA. I love that the geometric design looks like plant cells. Unfortunately, it was a gigantic pain to work with as there were 3 different grain lines – that of the weave, that of the crinkle, and that of the pattern – and none of them matched.

belt on ava blouse peplum

Because of the crinkle in the fabric, it stretched like crazy (really, I should have used it in a pattern that calls for knits not a woven) so I had to add a little belt to give the waist a semblance of shape (even thought I made a muslin first and fitted it nicely). I do really like the little clasp on the front. It was a gift from my mom (thanks ma!).

visible binding on neckline

Since my skin kind of blends into the khaki color of the contrast fabric, I bound the neck with black bias tape (instead of making my own bias facing as the pattern called for) and had it barely visible from the front all around so it’s clear where the fabric ends and my neck begins.

ava blouse with cardigan peplum

I made a mistake when cutting the peplum but decided to run with it and keep the squarish shape. I’m not convinced that was a good idea. I’m not convinced that this top is worth wearing, honestly. Maybe it’s my styling that makes it a dud and with narrow leg pants instead of wide leg it will look okay? Somehow it makes me look wide and squat – neither of which I think I am. It’s a bit better with a cardigan on, but not much. Empire waists are usually pretty good on me, and maybe this would work as a dress instead of a top. I dunno. There’s just a lot of meh to go around.

peplum top wide leg trousers

Any thoughts on why this blouse just isn’t working? What I could/should change on it? for this time or next time? Should I bother to give it a next time?

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  1. I think it’s beautiful, and will look lovely with some narrow leg pants, like you said. I think with the wider leg pants there is just too much fabric around everything from the waist down!

  2. I think it is super cute, and honestly I think it might be the pants.. have u tried it with Capri pants? I think it would look great with cropped skinny pants and strappy heels :)

  3. I love the top and I think it would definitely be better with narrow-leg pants or a pencil skirt or that kinda thing. I commend you for working with what sounds like a ridiculously tricky fabric! I think the end result is really cute but I’m also a sucker for peplums/illusion necklines.

  4. Try it with skinner pants. I have always admired this pattern and like the fabrics you chose. Maybe you would like it better in a dress… I think it’s worth another try!

  5. Maybe both the pant leg width and the pant color are off. How about skinny emerald green pants pr hot pink? THEN you would feel more like spring at least! ;-) And something along those lines doesn’t help, someone else will love wearing the top!

    1. Post

      Yes! I think emerald or hot pink is clearly the solution! That is a good point – I can pair these neutral pieces with brights and start feeling like the ensemble is more me.

  6. I’m not sure about the overall shape, but to me, it seems that it are mainly the grey and dark blue colors which are wrong for your ‘type’. They are too harsh, too ‘let, let’s run away with aaaaallll the attention!’ – both with respect to *you* and to your pants.
    (Look at the last picture, where everything else washes out against the blouse, or at the close-up of your neckline, where the grey clashes with your more delicate skin tone).

  7. I think it’s a really cute top and you should give it a second chance with a skirt. There’s too much fabric on your lower half with the wide legged pants.

  8. Hi,
    I agree that you look bigger than you are in these pics, but I bet that a skinny pants would totally save the look! The wide legged pants are beautiful too, but together, there’s a lot of loose fabric on your body. I really like how you made the Ava blouse, I also have the pattern in my stash – garments like yours make me want to finally make it.
    Cheers, A.

  9. I’m not just being the “Never give honest advice only be nice” blog reader here but I actually love it? I think the prints are super pretty together and the bias tape around the neck is a great graphic touch.

    It’s your pants m’dear. Not that the pants aren’t great, but I subscribe to the volume on top or bottom but never both theory (although sometimes i wear fuller tops with widelegged pants but only if the wide legged pants are really closefitting through the hips and thighs – that seems to work proportionately)., Anyway. Your Ava just needs some skinny jeans! Bingo bango.

  10. I agree with all thee above. I really like the top and think it would look good with some skinny pants. Whenever I wear more voluminous tops I always pick a skinny pant or visa versa. I like Maris’s idea of green or pink!!! yeah!

  11. I think the top is great and has no issues to me. I see the problem in the pants. I think you either go baggy on the top or bottom not both. These pants are just not flattering with this top, although I am sure they are fine with a fitted shorter top.
    Try the top with a pencil skirt, skinny pants or capris and I think it will look great :)
    PS – sorry if the above seems harsh

  12. I made two variations of the Ava and found neither of them flattering, despite tweaking the pattern. It is just not for me. I would try Victory again, though, as the Colette Laurel was a stinker on my despite 4 muslins but I love several of their other patterns.

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