Autumnal Wool Floral Pencil Skirt

gerties pencil skirt brown floral

I am so very excited about this skirt! I found the fabric at SewExpo last year. I don’t remember the vendor and I don’t remember the exact fiber content other than mostly wool. I’ve known since June that I wanted to make a pencil skirt out of it and have finally done so. I love the print on this fabric, especially the fact that, while it is certainly mostly brown tone, there is a significant amount of black so I can wear it with both brown and black.

Autumnal floral pencil skirt wool

I put meticulous attention to detail into this skirt, in my 2013 theme of perfection, and I think it shows. I followed Gertie’s instructions and used the pencil skirt pattern from Gerties New Book for Better Sewing. I had to adjust the fit through the hips, but it was a lot closer than most patterns are. The only other adjustment I made was to lengthen the front darts as the full part of my hips is quite low and I had a pooch in the front without doing so.

hand picked zipper closeup

It’s the first time that I’ve ever hand-picked a zipper. I kind of enjoyed the process and it does give it a sweet vintage flair. The stitches blend into the fabric really well.

hand picked zipper inside

I used a bit of silk organza on the inside to stabilize and strengthen the zipper seam. You can see a tiny bit of purple poking out, but it’s the only color silk organza I have! While not perfect, I think my hand stitching on the inside isn’t too shabby.

Boned Pencil Skirt Waistband

I used hair canvas as the interfacing for the waistband and added plastic boning every 2 inches. I love this hair canvas. It’s the first time that I’ve used it and I must admit, yet again, that working with quality materials makes for quality products. It gives the perfect amount of strength without making the waistband too rigid. I also think the boning was a good choice. I was worried it wouldn’t be comfortable but that hasn’t been the case at all. And it holds its shape at the super high waist like a dream.

inner high waistband floral

I interlined the skirt in fabric that’s been sitting on my shelf forever. My mom bought it at the Punjabi Market in Vancouver BC over 10 years ago. I wanted to give the skirt a bit more stability and to not have to worry about pulling on the seams. I thought I would line and interline the skirt, but it drapes so well ¬†and has a nice weight with just the interlining that I opted not to.

interlining serged to fabric

The only non-vintage technique (i.e. not suggested by Gertie) that I used was to join the fabric to the interlining by serging them together. I’d rather have the extra protection against raveling than staying true to a vintage construction.

hem tape sewed to interlining

I used hem tape (never used it before either) and hand sewed the hem to the interlining so it doesn’t show on the front of the skirt at all. Lots and lots of extra time to get these techniques perfect, but I’m more and more convinced that it’s worth it!

Brown Floral Wool Pencil Skirt

I really like the shape that this skirt gives me. I look curvy, but in a good way! I think the below-knee vintage look is flattering on my long legs and the super high waist make me look like my legs go on forever, which is kinda fun. This skirt is going to be worn a lot. However, it has exposed a major flaw in my wardrobe. I have no blouses right now. None. And this is just screaming for a blouse tucked into it. So, you’ll know what to expect to see from me before too long!

Back Slit Skirt Brown Tights

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  1. YOUR HAIR LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! The skirt is wonderful as well :) I love all the colors and the fabulous high waist. Well done in pairing it with the cardigan – it’s a marvelous ensemble!

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