August in Review

Wow. And just like that the summer months are over! Of course we’ve had grey skies and lots of rain the last couple of days to really rub in the fact that it’s done. It feels very weird to be heading into September without feeling any sort of back-to-school buzz around me. This will be my first fall without being in academia that I can remember (skipping over last year since I was out of the country). Wow! August does deserve one last hurrah before we leave it totally behind because it really was a lovely month so let’s take a peek back over the last month on my blog, shall we?

vintage yellow cotton outfit

Sewing-wise, I finally blogged photos of the outfit I’ve been wearing all summer – a vintage yellow cotton top and skirt. I almost finished a Bonnel dress from Thai elephant print cotton but I made a mistake and have left it sitting in the naughty corner since – I guess it’s about time to finish it up! I made a red-and-white stripe dress from an 80’s pattern that I found to be surprisingly modern. I’m going to call it my back-to-school dress in preparation for fall even though I’m not going back to school :)

coco chanel an intimate life by lisa chaney

I shared a sewing tutorial for adding giant cuffs to a pair of jeans and talked about how buying a paraffin bath has worked wonders for my often sore hands. I also recommended a book about Coco Chanel that I really enjoyed reading.

bonnie birdie socks 3

Knitting-wise, I finished knitting Bonnie Birdie Knee socks and this recent fall-ish weather is giving me the chance to actually wear them! I actually also knit a cotton camisole that I gave to my mom but I never quite seem to get blog photos of things I give to her, so I’ll have to go harass her for a photoshoot soon.

presidio purse tester kyla

Business-wise, I re-released the Presidio Purse pattern with some awesome updates and a free full step-by-step video sewalong. I also got to share photos from some awesome pattern testers – I love seeing my patterns sewn up by others! I also had a sweatshirt pattern published in Sew News which you can still download free if you pop over soon (although you need the magazine for the instructions).

i am a carpenter

I continued in my (mostly) weekly reflections on being a work in progress with I am a Carpenter wherein I talk about the custom cutting table I’m making and what it is teaching me, and I am Married wherein I talk about how awesome my husband is. (I promise I’ll share the finished table soon since it’s totally rad-sauce awesome!)

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  1. Well haven’t you been productive?! Love that top and skirt – such lovely colours. It made me laugh when you mentioned about the dress in the ‘naughty corner’. So many of mine would have been left there in a sulk if my lovely mum hadn’t intervened and helped me out.

    My sewing machine is currently at my parents’ so I’m getting my craft fix with my knitting.

    1. Post

      Thanks! I have a girlfriend visiting for the week and we agreed that I would force her to get the coding done that she needs to do for her work if she forces me to get some mending done, so there’s hope for the dress to escape from the naughty corner yet!

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