August 2012 Craftsy Block of the Month Blocks

Ohio Star Block Craftsy 2012 BOM August

August’s block-of-the-month blocks for Craftsy’s 2012 BOM quilt were fun to put together and I like the way my rugged fabrics look with such traditional blocks. The combination of the rustic fabrics, muted primary color palette, and the stars strikes me as very masculine. The first block is an Ohio Star block and taught the technique of quarter square triangles. The second block is double star block (see the star within the star?) and uses the traditional “flying geese” shape to assemble the stars.

Double Star Craftsy 2012 BOM August

When cutting out the striped fabric to use in the inner star, I didn’t think all the way through the way the pieces would assemble into the block, so not all of the stripes point the same direction. Fortunately, with a project like this, I can call it a design decision and, given the myriad of imperfections in this learning-process quilt, it probably won’t be noticed much, except for when I point to it and say “that is where it finally stuck in my head I need to think through the whole block before cutting striped/directional fabrics.” It funny, because when I sew garments I certainly carefully plan striped/directional fabrics, but somehow I needed to learn the lesson again for quilting. Any other sewists who quilt or quilters who sew find that they need to learn similar lessons all over again when they switch mediums?

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  1. Eeep! I thought you might be distracted by the Sewing Summit and not get to August’s blocks for awhile. I’m behind yet again!

  2. I know exactly what you mean, I primarily sew garments but am now dabbling in quilting and I find that I’m so meticulous in planning out my garment sewing, I overlook the planning in my quilting because I’m not sure how to think things through! I mean, do you or anyone else ever make a muslin for your quilts?!

    I love the look of your blocks btw, rustic but modern at the same time.

    1. Post

      Thanks for the compliment on my fabric choices. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one! I haven’t heard of a quilting muslin before…

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