Apple Bottom Skirt

pink apple skirt rearI found this fabric recently on super-sale and couldn’t pass it up. I know that it’s probably better suited for a jumper for a 6-year-old, but I don’t care. And since it’s kitschy, I had to make it scream kitsch. So I took the fuschia skinny-wale corduroy with green apple print and added green corduroy accents to the hem, pockets, and belt loops. Oh yeah, and I added gigantic apple pockets to the bottom.

green apple pocket detailI had some scraps of brown velour that I made into stem and leaf to match the fabric print. I drafted this pattern, improving upon my yellow twill skirt, although, of the changes that I intended to make, I forgot to change the shape of the front pockets, so they still gap a bit.

apple pocket construction

I made the back pockets by cutting the apple shape out of corduroy and lining and sewing them right sides together, leaving a little gap by which to pull it inside out. Then I edge stitched the pocket in place.fuschia and green apple skirtAs silly as the skirt is, I think it will get quite a bit of wear. I made it a practical length for many season (many west coast seasons, that is). I think it’s comfortable, easy to be active in, but is still a little girly. I like the way my trouser skirt pattern is progressing.

apple skirt hem and slitI made the bottom accent by sewing a 2″ tube of fabric and stitching it along the bottom. Maybe not the best way, because it does add a bit of structure to the bottom of the skirt, acting kind of like a horsehair, but you don’t really notice the way it affects the drape unless you’re looking for it. The back slit has a self-facing made from an extra-wide seam allowance at that point. My top-stitching is green.

Grey Cat with fabricTig had a grand time playing dress-up with my scraps. Or rather, she batted them around the room and to punish her, I draped them on her and took pictures while she looked horrified.

pink and green outfit

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