Announcing the Nautilus Swimsuit Pattern!

Nautilus Swimsuit View B 3

Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate. Brew up some lemonade, grab your sunglasses, and whip up a Nautilus Swimsuit!

Images from Wikipedia

Images from Wikipedia

Why call it a nautilus? Nautiluses are pretty cool animals – the only cephalopods (that’s the same family as octopuses) whose bony structure is a shell. Mathematically, the interior structure of the shell is quite interesting (nerdy sidenote: Although it’s often thought of as an example of a golden spiral, as a matter of fact it’s actually a logarithmic spiral with a different ratio). So why name the swimsuit after this cephalopod? The center knot in the swimsuit made me think of the interior twists of the shell!

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The Nautilus Swimsuit has an elegant twist center front, like the shell of its namesake cephalopod. The pattern is fully lined and comes with 4 different cup size options (AA cup, A/B cup, C/D cup, or DD+ cup) to make fitting a breeze. Available as a one-piece suit (View A) with a cute little peek-a-boo under the twist or a bikini (View B/C). The bikini comes with twists on the bottom that echo the bodice twist (View B) or plain (View C). Instructions are included for optional cup insertion and side boning for coverage and support. The straps can be tied around the neck halter style or can be attached to the back.


I’m thrilled about this pattern. I worked hard to create a suit that would flatter different body shapes and sizes and moreover FIT different body shapes and sizes. The pattern ranges from size 0 to 24 and comes with 4 separate cup size options in each size – AA, A/B, C/D, or DD+. It was a lot of work to do so, but my goal as a pattern company is to help every woman play Dress Up Every Day and I think this suit totally fits the bill!

Nautilus Swimsuit View B back

Nautilus Swimsuit View B 2

Nautilus Swimsuit View A 2

Nautilus Swimsuit View A back

*fabrics used for the pictured swimsuits were provided by Funkifabrics*

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  1. Awesome! I love the range of sizes, but especially the cup options! I will definitely be considering this whenever I branch out to swimwear (which might be soon, the elastic in my suits are getting to be a bit shot).
    Most of all I love the photo shoot you did, because it showcases a beautiful woman who looks like women I know in real life.

    Do you think it would be possible to incorporate underwires into the pattern? Sometimes the gals need a little boost.

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      I’m not sure about underwires, but it would be worth a shot. You could try slipping them into the suit when the instructions talk about inserting bra cups.

      The pattern does have the option to put boning at the side of the cup and to insert swimsuit bra cups, both of which provide a bit of support. Attaching the straps to the back of the suit adds a bit of support too.

  2. I LOVE this! Congratulations on the pattern release! I’m planning to make a couple more bathing suits this summer (after a semi-successful Bombshell a couple of years ago), and I really love the style of this one. Thanks for making it with different cup sizes, too! I’m super excited to try this once I get some bathing suit fabric.

  3. I’m not sure I can express how excited I am to have a crack at this pattern. And hack it a little bit too! (just because I can!)

  4. I think you have met your goal of empowering women with this design. Thank you for thinking about all the varieties of body beauty as you worked!

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  5. That is one gorgeous swimsuit! I absolutely love the back of the one piece – sexy but supportive at the same time :) I will definitely be making one this summer x

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  6. What a cute pattern! The front twist looks great, just my style of two-piece bathers. :-) If the summer keeps on this hot, I’m definitely in for some bikini sewing!

  7. According to your size chart, I am a size 18 bust, size 24 waist, size 22 hip. What size should I buy? Is it easy to adjust for the increase/decrease in a specific area? I am 5′ 11″ tall, and weigh 245 lbs. Thanks for your help.

    1. Post

      All of the sizes are nested in the single pattern so you don’t need to figure out what size you need before buying the pattern. It is easy to grade between sizes and I’ll have a post (coming very soon!) in the Summer Swimsuit Sewalong talking about how to choose a size and grade between sizes if your measurements don’t fit nicely into one size.

      Because stretch in swimsuit fabrics differ and how weight is distributed on one’s body differs, your safest bet is to sew a muslin (or draft version) out of the same fabric that you want to use for your finished suit. I’m happy to look at photos of your muslin on you and make suggestions about size selection for the next time around – or you can probably get great help and feedback from others in the private Facebook group for the Swimsuit Sewalong.

      If you are sewing a 2 piece it is quite easy to sew the top and bottom different sizes. If you are sewing the 1 piece, I suggest grading from a 22 hip to a 24 at the waist back to a 22 at the top. The sizing on the bust is a bit tricky because it is heavily dependent upon the shape of your rib cage. For anyone whose measurements put them at a very different size from waist to bust (like yours), I would suggest going up a size or two in the top.

  8. I ordered your pattern the other day and started getting it ready to sew today but I’m wondering if there is something wonky with your size chart. I generally wear a size 16-18, but going by your size chart, the “underbust” measurement says I’m between a 6 and 8. OK, that just makes me laugh. Sbouldn’t the measurement shown there be listed as “full bust” measurement instead of “underbust?” Or am I missing something? If I consider my full bust as the right measurement, I’m right between a 16 and 18, which makes sense.

    Also, I have a slightly short rise, but your size chart puts me in the size 6 range for the crotch measurement. Is the chart off on this measurement, or is your suit really long in the torso?

    Thanks! I look forward to sewing this up – I have some really cute fabric with palm trees.

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      Hi Nancy – I didn’t list the bust measurement by full bust because of the multiple cup sizes available with the pattern. In the version I sent to my testers there were 4 different rows of bust measurements (one for each of the cup sizes) and the feedback I got was that it would be better to simplify the chart by using a single common measurement like the under bust. It does seem to be causing its own confusion as under bust measurements are strongly influenced by the shape of your rib cage, so I’m looking into updating the chart again. I’m sorry for the confusion.

      If your waist and hips are in the 16-18 range I suggest choosing that as a starting size for your top as well. Like any garment that you are sewing for a first time, sewing a muslin will help you perfect your fit.

      I believe the rise length listed is accurate. My testers were pretty evenly divided between wanting more length and less length which suggests that it is fitting an average.

      Hope this clears up any confusion. I’m happy to answer any further questions. And I’d love to see your finished suit! Palm trees sounds like fun!

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