Floral Paisley Sundress

paisley floral dress with ruffle

My mom gave me the fabric for this dress. It was sitting on her shelf for years. It’s some mish-mash of floral and paisley and I thought it was one of the uglier prints I had ever seen. And then it sat on my shelf for a few years. And the longer it sat there, the more I liked it. Until it grew on me enough that I made a sundress, blouse, and hair kerchief out of it!┬áThe dress is totally A-line from the bust. This makes it super comfy in warm weather, albeit rather shapeless. I added a very gathered ruffle to the bottom of the skirt to give it some weight and swing.I think it turned out part hippie, part bohemian, and part muumuu. But I’m okay with that.

red outfit accessories to paisley floral dress

Sometimes I’ll toss on a simple red ribbon belt. Adding a red belt, shoes, and purse helps to ground the print. And it gives the dress a bit of shape. I also like to wear it with this cute little pair of cotton slipper-shoes that has puffy yellow flowers on the front that match the ruffle on the dress pretty nicely.

I love drapey, flowey, shapeless dresses to wear through the summer. I just wore this for a very warm weekend in Napa (90 degrees! FYI, that’s really hot if you live in San Francisco). Does anyone else like wearing tents in the heat?

muumuu dress paisley floral