Allison of Dream a Little Bigger on Craft and Style

Today in my Sewing and Style guest post series, I’m delighted to share the thoughts of Allison of Dream a Little Bigger. Yes, she’s a crafter (of some totally fabulous crafts, I might interject), but her personal connection between making things and wearing them is just as interesting as any sewist’s! 

Describe your style.
I’ve always said that my style is comfy. Comfy with a side of boho or comfy with a side of preppy or somewhere in between. I’ve been informed, however, that I dress like a hippie (from an honest to goodness ex-hippie).

Describe what you make.
I make just about anything I can think of. Just recently I made some folding window screens, some plaster “thumb” shaped thumbtacks, a new throw quilt and a whole slew of jewelry. I will seriously make  just about anything.

What inspires or influences your style?
Again back to the comfy thing. If it’s comfy I’ll wear it. I especially love maxi skirts and dresses and am looking to make one or a whole dozen of the many DIY versions I’ve seen on Pinterest lately.

I look at every day as a chance to play dress-up. How do you play dress-up? How does it involve your crafts?
The only time I really play dress up would be after I’ve made a craft that I’m particularly happy with. I painted some crochet flats gold and I danced around the house making Bollywood music because I was just so happy with how awesome they came out. This is a normal occurrence for any project I feel has been extremely successful :)

How does your passion for crafting influence your style?
My passion for crafting influences my style quite a bit. I’ve been noticing that I’m starting to gravitate to the preppier side of life, Sperry Topsider, The Gap and a strand of pearls kind of preppy. Because I’m crafty, I can make things to wear that might be out of my price range. For instance, I fell majorly in love with a Chanel bracelet I saw in a magazine. I don’t have Chanel money so I made it myself for under ten bucks. It’s not exactly the same but the reaction I’ve gotten out of it shows me that nobody cares that it isn’t Chanel.

Does your passion for crafting influence the style of those around you?
I’ve done something like 35 shoe makeovers in about 13 months. I always, always make them in my own size. BUT I have a small house and limited space so I have 3 shoe holders that hold 14 pairs of shoes each. That means I can have 42 pairs of shoes at any time (not including boots which sit on the floor). So whenever I buy a pair or make a pair, if I want to keep them, an old pair has to go. My sister wears the same size shoe as me so when I visit I take bags of footwear with me and she loves it! She doesn’t have the space issue I have so I totally enable her.

Allison of Dream a Little Bigger

Does your style require that you are crafty?
I’d say definitely simply because I have champagne tastes on a beer budget! Or should I say Chanel tastes on a Macy’s budget!

Anything else you would like to say about craft and style?
You don’t have to be crazy crafty to remake something you see and love, with jewelry especially. Mimic what you see and you can have your own version of that thing you love but at a fraction of the cost. Your first efforts aren’t going to be perfect but you’ll get better, to the point when no one will even know that your goods aren’t store bought.

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