Achatina Applique Expansion Packs


The whole reason I designed a messenger bag with a big empty front flap was so that I could appliqué fun designs to the front (more about that in the introduction post). When I was getting ready to release the pattern for the Achatina Messenger Bag, I had a hard time deciding on which appliqué patterns to include so I decided to cluster the patterns into expansion packs so that I could release ALL THE PATTERNS! The patterns are all sized to perfectly fit the front flap of your Achatina Messenger Bag but can easily be scaled and used wherever you can imagine them! Appliqué patterns contain from 1 to a dozen pieces per pattern and include order of application and placement marks. Without further ado, here are the 6 appliqué packs currently available, each with a DOZEN unique appliqué patterns!:


skull messenger bag

Tattoo Appliqué Pack: Inspired by popular old-school tattoos this collection features an anchor, a cowboy boot, a diamond, a heart with a banner, a horse-shoe, a knife, lips, playing cards, a rose, a skull, a star, and swallows. I’ve used the skull appliqué many times in the past (my favorite was on a bubble-gum pink background, because that’s how I roll). I also have plans to use the swallows on the chest of a sweatshirt at some point soon.


tree messenger bag

Nature Applique Pack: This collection of applique patterns features a cloud, a fern, fire, a flower, mountains, a mushroom, a pine tree, the recycle symbol, a snowflake, the sun, a tree, and waves. I’ve made a bunch of the tree and flower appliquéd bags but I have to say that I’m super excited about the fern and mushroom designs. I think they’re adorable (if I do say so myself) and am looking forward to using them!


Craft Applique Pack: It should be pretty obvious where I drew the inspiration for this set of patterns :) It features appliqué patterns for a mug of coffee (or tea, an essential crafting supply), a crochet hook and yarn, a dress form, knitting needles and yarn, a paint palette, a quilt block, a safety pin, scissors, a seam ripper (if only it weren’t such an essential sewing supply!), a sewing machine silhouette, a spool of thread, and a tomato pin cushion. These are all new designs and I can’t wait to see some of them made up! I’m still slowly decorating my sewing studio and thinking about where I could incorporate a few of these appliqués into the decoration.


Around the World Appliqué Pack: This pack got started thanks to the suggestion of a friend that it would be fun to have an eiffel tower appliqué. I started thinking about iconic structures from around the world and ended up with Chichen Itza (Mexico), the Colosseum (Rome, Italy), the Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem, Israel), the Eiffel Tower (Paris, France), the Empire State Building (New York, USA), the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, USA), the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt), the Space Needle (Seattle, USA), St. Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow, Russia), the Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia), the Taj Mahal (Agra, India), and the Forbidden Temple (Beijing, China). I’ve been lucky to see 5 of these iconic structures in person, but seeing them all is on my bucket list!


elephant messenger bag

Animals Applique Pack: I’ve sewn most of these designs when I was originally selling these as finished bags. I know they’re a bit cutesy to appeal to all ages, but they make great gifts for kids (and for those of us who appreciate the kitsch factor of such designs!). Even if they’re not your style, you’ve gotta admit they are pretty darn cute! This pack features a bear, a cat, a chick, a dog, a duck, an elephant, a fox, a frog, a mouse, an owl, a penguin, and a turtle.


Anglophile Applique Pack: I had a fun time coming up with a list of images that represented Great Britain. As I did, I thought a lot of Nanny Sheila (my grandmother-in-law) who, despite living most of her life in the U.S., retained much of her Liverpudlian roots. This pack has appliqué patterns for Big Ben, a bobby hat, the British flag, a double decker bus, the London Eye, the London Underground, a police call box (yes, that is a nod to Dr. Who!), the royal crown, Sherlock Holmes, a tea pot, Tower Bridge, and an umbrella.

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  1. Anglophile Applique Pack, how cool is that! (although I can’t help myself from pointing out that your police call box has the silhouette of the equally iconic old Red Telephone Box, not the shape associated with the TARDIS).

    1. Post

      You’re right! I did design it to be the iconic red telephone box but at the last minute I couldn’t resist changing the windows a little bit and making it blue so it is in between the two. Hopefully people will forgive me a bit of artist license :)

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