A Summer Ensemble in Yellow Cotton

vintage yellow cotton outfit

I’m not sure why, but this was a summer of yellow clothes for me. I made and adored this outfit (and then took forever to get photos onto the blog) which is obviously very yellow. And I wore any little bit of yellow I could find out of my existing wardrobe. And then bought a dozen yards of a yellow and white stripe knit that I’m sewing up as samples for a someday-to-be-released pattern. And I find this all very amusing because I’ve never actually liked yellow that much before (probably in good part because it’s honestly not the best color on me, but let’s not go there).

simplicity 1426 and simplicity 1166 vintage

The super-high-waist and crop top is a recurrent theme for me this summer too as I started the summer with my red and white versions of this same outfit (top is Simplicity 1426 and skirt is Simplicity 1166, both 1950’s re-released vintage patterns. For my thoughts on the patterns pop on over to that post). I’ve been mixing and matching those pieces with these pieces and my high waist light denim jeans. These are outfits I would have killed for in the early 2000’s, so maybe I’ve been watching to much Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently :)

simplicity 1426 inside

The cotton for this skirt is vintage and I picked it up at the thrift store. It had a previous life as curtains or sitting on a shelf in the sunshine since there were very clearly faded parts, but I thought it was so cute that I didn’t mind. I think the pleats and volume of the skirt help the faded parts blend in just fine. I lined it in a white cotton muslin. The cotton for the top was scraps from a quilt that I’m making right now. I lined it with a cotton gingham that I inherited from my grandma (that was living in my scrap bin since it was pretty small pieces) so the top is reversible.

lining in cotton skirt

I added a lining to help reduce the wear on the vintage fabric (since it’s already a bit worn) and to make it not see-through so I don’t have to bother with a slip for a summer skirt. The pockets are still fully functional and it gives the skirt a bit more poof which is in keeping with its 1950’s vintage, so that’s pretty fun.

cotton summer top

I ended up sizing down a full 2 sizes on the top this time around. It was wearable last time and the extra fabric volume helped to give me the illusion of a bust. However, I have no worries about gapping like this so it’s more carefree. It did make the diameter around my rib cage too small, but I opted to keep it like this so I could use these fun clasps that my mom gave me.

piping on skirt waist and front

I also (obviously) added piping into the skirt. The combination of piping and lining required some pretty precise sewing to keep everything where it should be, but I think it really was worth the fuss. It makes the fun colors in the skirt pop! I also opted for these blue buttons from my stash since, even though they were a little small, they brought out the colors of the skirt. We all know how much I like color…

clasps on top back

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  1. This outfit is SO FUN! Love those colours, and how you managed to use super girls prints in a super girls sihouette and yet not look precious. (Also, personal thought – turquoise jewelerry is the best. Looks great with everything!!) Enjoy your yellow phase!

    1. Post

      Thanks! I knew if anyone was going to appreciate the colors it would be you :)

      I appreciate the compliment about making something femme that’s not precious. That’s a line I always try and walk!

      And yes, turquoise jewelry rocks with everything!

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  2. This outfit is super cute!! I love the look of yellow in the summer, but the only yellow thing I own is the pussy bow blouse I made for the sew-along way back… Like you, I didn’t really like /wear yellow. I think it looks wonderful on sun tanned skin, though! But in winter, yellow makes me look like a chain-smoking corpse…

    The vintage fabric for the skirt is really beautiful, a great find! I also love all your pretty flowers. My garden is sadly wilting down slowly now, summer is over in Norway. Just a few months, and I’ll be planning the next one :)

    1. Post

      My skin is pretty much the same shade of pale all year round, but I don’t mind :)

      Thanks for the compliments on the flowers! It’s the first little bit of garden that I’ve successfully carved out of the jungle that exists around the house we just bought. I’m very happy with the baby steps I’m learning about gardening and I think I’m proving (so far) that I don’t have the black thumb I once thought I did. I’m looking forward to the weather cooling a bit more because it means that soon I can transplant a bunch of flowers from my mom’s garden to my own!

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