A Bachelorette Present – Silk Kimono Style Robe

For bachelorette presents, I’m not thrilled about giving the traditional raunchy gifts. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not from any overt modesty on my part. It’s more that I want to give a truly heartfelt present to my friend, something that conveys love, excitement, and best wishes for a new part of life. In my opinion, thong underwear just doesn’t express those sentiments. So, I sew a silk kimono-style robe. I think the robes are sexy and practical (I’d be happy to be described that way), likely to be worn a lot, and last a long time.

kimono style bachelorette robe neck

Ok, so I’ve stretched the truth a little. This robe isn’t actually silk. It’s a nice quality synthetic, thick and with a tightly woven right and wrong side.  I decided to make the robe a little fun and funky by using three different colors of the same fabric – the body is off-white, the sleeves and front inset are light yellow, and the sash and collar are fuchsia. (I always seem to want to spell it fuschia. It just looks better that way.)

serged and topstitched seam

To make it sturdy, I serged all the inside seams. And then I topstitched the seam flat.


The cutting layout is very simple. I cut a rectangle for the back, arms, and both fronts. For the right and left front, I measure in a few inches from the top center seam and cut on the diagonal down to the bottom center seam. At the center back, I cut a little moon out of the back so it will rest on the neck. After sewing all the pieces together like pictured, I add a straight band of fabric along right front, back neck, and left front to become the collar. And I sew a tube of fabric to become the belt.

kimono style bachelorette robe tie