1940’s Khaki Trousers

1940s khaki trousers

Here’s another derp story about a sewing project. I put these on to wear to work last week and laughed at myself, thinking “Man, I must be tired this morning because I just put my pants on backward.” Then I shook my head, pondered a little bit, and laughed out loud. Because I discovered that I didn’t put my pants on backward that morning. In fact, I had been wearing my pants backward for two weeks!

These are Simplicity 3688, the 1940’s reproduction pattern that’s swept the sewing blogosphere. I’ve been planning on sewing these for quite a while, but the fact that they are Debi’s tried and true pattern and Lladybird looks so cute in hers too encouraged me to get them done.  I sewed these pretty much as-is, but added an inch and a half to the rise. I probably didn’t need to add quite that much, but it works. I thought that I needed to add a bit of depth to the rear if I make these again, but it turns out that if I put them on the right way, I don’t need to. Ha!

flat trouser waistband

The fabric I picked drapes beautifully, but it wrinkles to beat the band and, unfortunately, shows my shirts through it. I did try them on before finishing them and didn’t realize they weren’t opaque. I have a very very short slip that I can wear under them because the crotch is quite low, but I may eventually go back and add a lining for the top of the trousers, especially since I have to take off the waistband and put it back on the other way.

simplicity 3688 khaki pants

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