2017 Goal: #OOTD

As I’ve talked about a lot recently, I’m feeling a bit discombobulated in my post-baby body and the slice of my wardrobe that fits me right now is pretty slim. Consequently, I find myself pulling on the same couple of outfits and I’m frustrated and bored by what I’ve been wearing. I usually look at every day as a chance to play dress up, but that hasn’t been the case recently. To pull myself out of my rut, I decided to give myself an OOTD (outfit of the day) challenge. I’m going to try to take a photo of my outfit every day and put it on Instagram. I’m hoping this will hold me accountable to myself and encourage and inspire me to get back to playing dress up. And maybe it will have the added benefit of helping me see wardrobe patterns and gaps as I look back through the project.

I’d love it if you’d join me or cheer me on. Help me figure out which outfits are kickin’ and which don’t need to be repeated?

Have you done anything similar yourself? How did you keep yourself motivated as time went on?

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  1. I am a new-ish reader and I haven’t been “listening” for too long….I’m prefacing in case you would like to totally throw out my advice ;). I found after I had kids I didn’t “play” as much with my wardrobe – a function of changing life and less time, I think. I now have a very streamlined wardrobe but every piece makes me smile. I am not at the weight/shape I’d like to be at the moment and I literally packed away everything that doesn’t fit at the moment – who needs it all sitting in the closet mocking you! Then I assess seasonally. Hope that helps! PS. Lovelovelove the fun and funky sweatshirts!

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      Thanks for the advice. It’s only been in the last year (since we bought a house) that I’ve had a closet large enough that I could actually hang and see all of my clothing so it hadn’t even crossed my mind that I might want to hide some of it away :) I think it’s a good idea and when I get a slice of time I’ll pack up my most summery clothes and re-assess in several months. Thanks!

  2. Please be kind to yourself. Your body has changed and that’s OK. Rather than looking at a wardrobe that doesn’t fit and beating yourself up about it, perhaps you could make a few garments that fit your current body and reflect your personal style. Just a few so that when you put them on you feel good about yourself despite this strange new body you find yourself inhabiting. I think this will go a long way to raising your spirits than beating yourself up because there’s nothing in your closet that fits that you really want to wear.

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