2013 in Reflection: Sewing, Crafting and Blogging Favorites

Jumping on the reflection bandwagon that’s sweeping the blogosphere, I’m looking back through the last year of sewing, crafting and blogging to pull out my favorites for the year. On the sewing end:

pink pleated maxi skirt

5. Pink Pleated Maxi Skirt. It’s a simple skirt, from cheap fabric. Nothing that exciting to sew. But I love wearing it. It’s fun and happy. I look good in maxi skirts, I love wearing them, and I always get compliments on this skirt.

Red Grainline Archer Blouse

4. Bangladeshi Archer Blouse. Although I’m not usually a loose fitting blouse kind of person, I’ve really enjoyed wearing this Archer shirt. I did a lovely job sewing it, if I do say so myself, and loved the chance to use such special fabric that had been saved in my stash for a long time.

Red White and Blue Trench Coat Lining

3. Robson Trench. I didn’t get the fit totally right through my shoulders, but this is a high impact coat that is SO MUCH FUN! I also put together a tutorial for how to underline the trench so you can do the same :)

Maxi Dress with Slit By Hand London Anna

2. Paisley Pashmina Anna Dress. Adam always gives me compliments when I wear this dress. He’s good about complimenting me regularly, but he actually requests that I wear this dress because he likes it so much. So I do! Surprisingly, this was cheap fabric because it was only supposed to be a muslin, but it turned out to be a total winner.

Autumnal floral pencil skirt wool

1. My Autumnal Wool Pencil skirt. I started my year off with this skirt and it started things with a bang. I love this skirt, wear it a ton, and get lots and lots of compliments when I wear it. I used lovely fabric (I learn over and over that nice fabric makes a world of difference) and the high waist and pencil skirt are flattering for my figure.

On the Crafting end:

spaghetti lace rug black crochet

5.  Lace Doily Crochet Rug. My second ever crochet project and oh so much fun to spice up our kitchen!

Sylvi Swater Bawck

4. Silvi Sweater. I haven’t gotten to wear it much, but it’s a high impact sweater that stands out in all the best ways. It was fun to knit such a giant project and it’s fun to wear every time.

Bougles leg anatomical embroidery

3. Bougle’s Leg Embroidery. This year I started to bring some of my science inspiration into my crafting. This embroidery was one of the results.

natural off white wool sweater vintage bobbles

2. WWII reproduction sweater. This bobble cardigan is from a 1939 pattern. The wool and silk blend yarn is warm and breathable and the off-white yarn makes this so very wearable (even if I am terrified of wearing white because I stain everything!).

Bougles Anatomical Needlepoint Heart

1. My Bougle Anatomical Heart Needlepoint. I designed this pattern, hand dyed the yarn, and spent an insane amount of time doing the needlepoint. It hangs at the top of our stairs and I love looking at it every day.

On the blogging end:

RebrandedSeamstressErin small

5. My website redesign. I was so very excited to have a well designed site that is easier to navigate and better reflects my aesthetic.

Cat staring at yarn

4. Tutorials. I put quite a bit of time into adding tutorials into my blogging, to share the skills I have with others. I posted a wide range, from drafting sleeve flounces, to backing an embroidery hoop for framing, to sewing piping to a neckline, to tying a yarn hand for dying.

New Friends from Sewing Summit 2013

3. Sewing Summit. It was a blast. It was so inspirational, I met phenomenal and inspiring ladies, and got some great ideas and support. I shared that I was feeling nervous about going and was pleasantly overwhelmed by the outpouring of sweet words and sharings of similar feelings.


2.  This year I’ve had a whole series of posts from guest bloggers about their personal connection between sewing and style. I’ve had Lauren of American DuchessMorgan of Crab&BeeKatja of Of Dreams and Seams,  Allison of Dream a Little BiggerSonja of Ginger MakesTempest Devyne of FanBloomingTastic,  Carolyn of Handmade by CarolynJulia of JuliaBobbinCindy of Cation Designs,  Winnie of Scruffy Badger Time, Duane of Japanese Pattern ChallengeRochelle of Lucky Lucille,  Lauren of Lladybird,  Jessica of Running With ScissorsAmy of Sew Well, and Miriam of Mad Mim. Whew. What an amazing collection of sewists!

Bow Neck Blouses Through the Decades

1. My bow neck blouse sewalong. Man was it fun to host my first sewalong! I had a ton of inspirational posts, sewed an assortment of bow neck blouses for myself, and got to rope a bunch of lovely sewists along with me. How fun!

For a quick glance through my year of blog posts, check out my monthly roundup posts from January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October. November rounded up the Bow Neck Blouse sewalong.

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  1. WOW! Your red sweater has stopped me in my tracks! I am not a knitter, but I am just in awe looking at the detail and knowing the hours that went into creating this show stopper! Fabulous!

  2. What a great roundup! Love so many of your pieces! Look like you’ve got a good handle on what looks good on you! Can’t wait to follow your adventures in the new year!

  3. You had an amazing year! I especially love the red sweater and Robson trench. Can’t wait to see what you create in 2014!

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