2012 Roundup

Wow! What a year. It’s been great fun to have a new website this year and to fill it up with fun DIY sewing/knitting/craft projects and inspirations. I hope you’re enjoying it as well! I put together a visual overview of what I’ve made this year. I can’t get the darn image map to work, so you can’t click the pictures, but all the links are listed below.


Clothes: Floral Paisley Sundress, Plaid Romper, Scallops to Greece Dress, Woven T-shirts, Derp Skirt, Curtain Panel Skirt, Guatemalan Cowgirl Skirt, Ruffled Jumpsuit, Floral Print Jeans, Denim High-Waist Jeans, 40’s Blouse, 40’s Trousers, Sage Velour Thurlow Shorts, Grey Wool Thurlow Shorts

Around the House: Sweaters Blanket, Wool Leaf Potholders, Fabric Canvas, Cork Coasters, Tree Ring Coasters, Spray Painted Dinosaur, Stuff Sack, Hexagon Quilt

Accessories: East/West Purse, Duffel Bag, Suitcase Cozy

Baby: First Fair Isle Sweater, Baby Shoes, Toddler Activity Book

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