1940s Sailor Style Denim Skirt

1940s sailor style denim skirt

These pictures saved this skirt’s life. I made it up at the same time as my sailor girl shorts (much earlier this summer) from the same Wearing History pattern. And I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror and hated it. I liked the idea, I just thought that it was too big and stiff and that it made me look gigantic. So I put it into the WIP pile to turn it into a pencil skirt. At some point I grabbed it in a stack of stuff for a photoshoot, thinking it would be good to have the failed “before” pictures of the refashion. Except for looking at these pictures, I really like the skirt!┬áMaybe it’s just the pretty photos and artsy sun flare that have me fooled, but all the issues that I had with this skirt in the mirror seem to have disappeared in photos. So perhaps I’ll give it the chance it deserves to actually be worn (come this spring). I guess time will tell.

denim skirt midi sailor

I had a bit of trouble in constructing the skirt. The waistband didn’t fit with the skirt well (too much ease in the skirt) and I had to shave off some of the ease before I could get it to fit in the waistband without gathers, although I never went back to see if was a problem with the pattern or my tracing of it, so it could totally be my fault. Otherwise, it was pretty simple. Just lots of buttons and buttonholes which were time consuming but not hard.

sailor style denim skirt

What do you think, fun or frumpy? I’m a little afraid that it only looks good with a skimpy fitted top tucked in and that as soon as I try and wear anything warmer with it (which would be more appropriate given that it is a heavy denim) it will look too bulky…

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  1. I really like this! It’s very flattering at the waist. I agree that it would look good with a cropped sweater or jacket.

  2. Looks great! You’re right, a fitted top looks great, but that also means a fitted cardi or sweater would look great too.
    A fitted leather jacket= badass.

  3. A bolero jumper would be cute with it too! I think it totally works – keep playing with the styling, I think it’s a winner!

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