1940’s Bow Neck Blouses

early40s bow neck blouses

We continue our search for bow necked inspiration as we peek through the decades for the Bow Neck Blouse Sewalong with a selection of drawings of fashions from the 1940′s. Thanks to Rochelle of Lucky Lucille for the above collage taken from early 1940’s Sears catalogs. All of the proceeding images are from Everyday Fashions of the Forties as pictured in Sears Catalogs.

charmode dresses for a gracious lady 1940's bow neck

These Charmode dresses for a gracious lady are from 1941/1942. They are “specially designed…painstakingly styled…carefully proportioned for the poised matron.” While “gracious lady” still seems to be a classy way to say older woman, “matron” sure isn’t a description that one wants to hear these days. Interestingly, other than the old-fashioned lace collars, the dresses aren’t aesthetically that different from many of the other offerings from the same time period. The only real difference seems to be in the age of the model’s face!

1944-1945 dress with bows

This lovely dress from 1944-1945 is made from a “whirlaway rayon crepe” and meant to be a “dine-and-dance-dress”. Those are sequins studding the bodice. The bow sure sets off that sweetheart neckline nicely.

1947 bemberg rayon dresses bows

These 1947 dresses are made from bemberg rayon “lovely and cool…perfect for Spring and Summer”. You’ll notice that many of the 40’s dresses are available in rayon but silk has virtually disappeared from the catalog, thanks to World War II. I bet that cape collar on the left had a gorgeous drape in the rayon. I’m loving the loop trimming on the right dress, which nicely frames the “new deep neckline that’s so becoming.”

gibson girl blouses with bows 1948

These Gibson girl blouses are from 1948. The Gibson girl was an ideal of feminine beauty from the turn of the century. Interestingly, the resurgence of interest in the Gibson girl look coincides with the post-war return to femininity ushered in by Dior’s New Look.

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  1. I absolutely love the striped blouse in the last picture, I think it looks super smart and would pair fabulously with those high waisted pants you made.

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