1930’s Bow Neck Blouses

1930s bow neck blouses

We continue our search for bow necked inspiration as we peek through the decades for the Bow Neck Blouse Sewalong with a selection of drawings of fashions from the 1930′s. All of the images are from Everyday Fashions of the Thirties as pictured in Sears Catalogs. I’m really intrigued by the construction of the blouse on the right. Not only does it have a bow at the neck, but I love the way the blousy bodice top gathers into a yoke at the bottom (with even more bows at the side!).

1930's dresses

In these dresses from 1930, you can see the boxiness that we typically associate with the 20’s. If one bow at the neck isn’t enough for you, how about adding a row of bows all the way down the front bodice, like the dress on the right? On an interesting note, these dresses were sold as “semi-made”, meaning that you sewed five final seams after purchasing (the sleeve seams, side seams, set in sleeves, sleeve hems, and skirt hem) so that you could buy a ready-to-wear garment but get a more exact fit. Interesting idea, no?

1930 semi made modern apparel

These “Gorgeous Party Frocks – Direct from New York” (1935) are quite similar in silhouette but the details set them apart. The corded bow on the left dress almost gets lost with the other draping and ruffles around the neck and shoulders, but the bow on the right sure stands strong. The left dress was available in blue lilac, ash rose, and national blue while the right dress was white with red, navy, or green polka dots. Oh how I wish these illustrations were in color!

1930s conservative evening dresses

Nowadays, we think of evening gowns as revealing ample skin, but these “Evening Glamour” dresses cover their wearer from neck to wrist to ankle, although she must have been striking in all that wine colored velvet or royal blue satin backed crepe. Or, as a bride in white velvet!  The delicate bows are tied under a neck ruffle.

1930's everything new in knit

Everything is new in knits for these goregous ensembles from 1933. I’m not sure I’d style a bow quite so large as the blouse on the left, but making it match the belt, welt pockets, cuffs, and skirt are sure a fun way to create an ensemble. The construction of bow on the right sure is interesting. It looks to be a simple rectangle of fabric threaded through slits  in the bodice.

1939 Man Tailored Suits

How about softening the look of a Man-Tailored Suit (to make a woman look her feminine best) (1939) by wearing a delicate blouse with a bow (or cravat) at the neck? I know I’ve watched too many classic gangster movies, but what a moll in those pinstripes!

Want more inspiration? Check out the 1920’s Bow Neck Blouses and stay tuned for more decades yet to come!

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  1. Thanks for another inspirational post! If you think that 1933 bow is so big it’s hard to style, I just posted pictures of a dress worn by Dutch Queen Máxima today. Oversized bow alert!

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